In the Reggae recording industry, RASHANI is one of the most prolific singer/songwriter and producer. He is a talented musician, a vibrant performer, and a committed professional. His music is a combination of political beliefs, spiritualism and a catchy reggae beat that creates an uplifting vibe.

This reggae singer, who is known for his exquisite style of writing and singing, knows that his journey to the peak of the reggae industry has just begun. Though he knows that his journey is an uphill task, he also feels a sense of pride,    knowing that he is adding material of substance to the musical world. RASHANI, who has his own style and a true love for foundation music, knows that success for him is not the amount of money he makes, but being able to do what he loves and how well he does it, and the respect he earns from doing it. For him, it is not about making a hit song, but making good music and then being rewarded. He believes that his music will survive and stand the test of time by becoming vintage albums.

has proven to be able to deliver some high quality conscious music over the years. He has written more than 2000 songs over the last 20 years and has released on his label, Zamani Records, 9 CDs to date. Each CD contains fifteen original tracks:

Don’t try to block what you can’t stop, 1995;
Who’s fooling who, 1998;
Positive and progressive, 1999;
The blacklash, 2000;
The realist, 2004;
Victims of the system, 2010;
Something radical, 2011;
King Lion, 2012;
Money can’t buy life, 2013.

These CDs are now been sold through I-Tunes and CD-Baby. His music is being played in the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and the Americas. As performer, he played at Bob Marley’s festivals, many reggae clubs throughout Texas and the New York area, as well as in France and Italy. He won the 2nd place for best reggae album (“The Realist”) and the 5th place for best reggae song (“Champion”) at the 2006 JPF awards.  His three albums “Victims of the system”, “Something radical” and “Kind Lion” made it in the top 50 most recommended reggae albums in Europe.

Additional information on this artist can be found at:

Zamani Records
Tel. (001) 917- 3258604